Posted in ath by nileta on February 27, 2012

this weekend was dedicated to beauty
i planted my tomato seeds, starting this year's farming
i am sowing a good amount of seeds,
hoping to reap a good amount of delicious tomatoes this summer
i also visited a friend for coffee
and ended up taking a whole bunch of pictures
of her adorable daughter. i am telling you,
watching how the baby's face lights up when her mother talks to her
is a true, heartwarming, miracle
have a great & blessed week


Posted in ath by nileta on February 24, 2012

these pictures witness my first try with my fish eye.
not really sure if i like the result, but they are a change.
above you can see konstantina, at imatioθiki's photo shoot.
also, remember fashion live by ozon?
two photographers and myself won the photo competition!
also, someone took one of my pictures from my exhibition.
it's funny because a lot of art if changing hands in greece lately.
yes, yes. my blog is my art.
so, i guess that is a compliment.
but please let the pictures be, so everyone can enjoy.
and do email me if you want any of the pictures after the exhibition ends
i will be more than happy to give them to you.

collapsing at your doorstep

Posted in ath, exhibitions by nileta on February 16, 2012

some beautiful things on my floor and some beautiful people in my life
this amazing book was given to me by my boss,
as a heads up towards my advetures in photography
it is a book feautering greek photographer dimitris papadimos,
who was born in egypt and travelled around greece, africa & the middle east,
as a photographer.
i completelly fell in love with his pictures.
the postcards spread on my floor were given to me by gracious and kind angelica,
owner of aufrais.
it feels good to meet people you admire online, in person.
and she is showing her work right next to mine at taf. be sure to drop by.
and the yellow thing. it's an origami frog. given to me by my boss's wife.
so as you can see,
this is a stupid post were i am all smiles and happy
about what is going on in my life and who is in my life as well.
thank you all for coming at taf last night.
it was good to meet you.


Posted in ath by nileta on February 12, 2012

here's to hoping that all things will turn out for the best.
that there is still hope for my country
that, at least even now, we will act as one
 that we we will finally do ourselves a favor
& start looking a bit beyond ourselves
this beautiful song was originally heard at this video

lord knows best

Posted in ath, exhibitions, washington d.c. by nileta on February 8, 2012

the last days have been so busy,
 i haven't even had the time to take a decent photo
of all the snow we've been getting
but, i am very excited to inform you that
you will be able to see a whole bunch of pictures
 i have taken throughout all these years i have had this blog
at a wonderful exhibition, curated by ifigenia and sofia of TAF.
angelica, tzelaflora girls, life in athens, ritsa blue, miss athenes,
constantinarium, juniperswing, lou read and naked under the blankets
will be joining me,
and hopefully so will you
blog diaries starts on february 15th
more information here and here