space walk

Posted in washington d.c. by nileta on January 24, 2012

even though my schedule is super tight,
 i somehow managed to visit the national air & space museum
but because i saw this austronaut on the metro wall this morning,
i will be posting the space images first
ever since i was able to understand that when i grew up
i would have to work at someplace, i wanted to become an astronaut.
 i always thought that when i saw earth from so far away,
i would get a whole different perspective on how life is
(yes, these were thoughts made in grammar school).
but somehow, i decided to build strong foundations on earth,
and become an architect instead.
still, by looking at yuri, i can't help but think how my mom and dad
would look next to my all-smiles face, after i landed home from a ride around the planet.
other than that, speech went great, thank you all for sweet emails and text messages,
and most importantly - prayers.
i know this song has been posted before,
 but lemon jelly really capture my intergalactic love right now

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  1. tzelaflora wow said, on January 24, 2012 at 14:53

    ma pou eisai! girizeis ton kozmo?
    eksairetika ta diastimika

  2. vivianouba said, on January 25, 2012 at 09:36

    WOW! Both the pics and the writing as well left me speechless! I wish you the best over there!

    p.s. you may not be a real astronaut, but you travel and you make us travel amongst your photos!

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