ρόζα ροζαλία

Posted in Uncategorized by nileta on March 2, 2012

i started this blog
mainly because i wanted to show my friends back home
how life was treating me in barcelona.
but then
i got really attached to the idea of sharing ideas and pictures
with people i knew and people i got to know through ni|ko
it's time to move on though,
and ni.ko will be running under a blogger account,
since wordpress is so limiting when it comes to blogging
it would mean a lot to me if you followed my new steps at ni.ko



[imatioθiki] TR2

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A different imatioθiki
feautering TR2 as a whole. The residence, Thission Showroom and the Kolonaki Edition Store.


Posted in ath by nileta on February 27, 2012

this weekend was dedicated to beauty
i planted my tomato seeds, starting this year's farming
i am sowing a good amount of seeds,
hoping to reap a good amount of delicious tomatoes this summer
i also visited a friend for coffee
and ended up taking a whole bunch of pictures
of her adorable daughter. i am telling you,
watching how the baby's face lights up when her mother talks to her
is a true, heartwarming, miracle
have a great & blessed week


Posted in ath by nileta on February 24, 2012

these pictures witness my first try with my fish eye.
not really sure if i like the result, but they are a change.
above you can see konstantina, at imatioθiki's photo shoot.
also, remember fashion live by ozon?
two photographers and myself won the photo competition!
also, someone took one of my pictures from my exhibition.
it's funny because a lot of art if changing hands in greece lately.
yes, yes. my blog is my art.
so, i guess that is a compliment.
but please let the pictures be, so everyone can enjoy.
and do email me if you want any of the pictures after the exhibition ends
i will be more than happy to give them to you.

[imatioθiki]: pinelopi kanoula

Posted in imatioθiki by nileta on February 22, 2012

fashion architect aka pinelopi kapnoula for imatioθiki